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I can run much faster when nothing wears me down

August 14, 2009

I left Toronto last Saturday and now I have one more week here until I race.  The marathoners (Dylan Wykes, Giitah Macharia, Andrew Smith and Tara Quinn-Smith)  all flew out together and were the last to arrive at the Canadian training camp in Kamen, Germany.  We don’t compete until the second last and last day so now we arethe last athletes at the training camp.  The full team was only together for a few days here in Kamen.

The training camp is ideal for preparing for a major competition.  The rooms are nice, facilities are top notch, the food is good, it’s very quiet and there are good places to run.  We leave for Berlin on Monday and we’re sure to see a huge difference.  Big city, lots of athletes and lots going on. 

Training here has been going well and I seem to have adjusted well to the travel and time cahnge  I did a workout on the track a few days ago of 3 X 3000m with 2 minutes rest in which I averaged 8:58 and felt very comfortable.  I have another workout tomorrow where I’ll slowly pick up the pace over 22km and touch marathon race pace for a little bit towards the end of the run.  It’s supposed to be a feel good workout and I just have to remind myself not to get carried away at all.

Once we get to Berlin I’ll have a light session on Tuesday and then it will be very easy runs from there.  We have a course tour on the 20th although we’ll be able to run the course a little before hand as it’s only a 10km loop.

I’d throw some pics I took here but I forgot the cord for my camera so they’ll have to wait.

We’ll be watching the competition on Eurosport here for the first couple of days.  I don’t plan on going to the track too many times as I want to be rested for the race but I’m planning on watching the 1500 semis and the Men’s 10 000m final on Monday night.

Here are is the schedule/startlists/results.  For those in Canada here is the CBC schedule for Worlds.  Looks like they will show the marathon live on the internet at CBC.

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  1. SLICE permalink
    August 19, 2009 9:03 am

    Best of luck Reider,,we’ll be watching back in Canada! Cheers! There will be a cold BEER wating for you when you get home!

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