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Here comes the rain again

June 25, 2009

It is pouring rain right now, maybe that will cool things off for the 5000's tonight. Once again I'll be on the sidelines watching the 5000m but this year it's not so bad because I'm actually running another event and I'm healthy. Both the Men's and Women's 5000 should be good races as the fields are relatively deeper up front than last year. I'm feeling a little better about the 10 000m now that I had a 200m repeat workout on Tuesday.  I haven't moved that fast in a looong time.  And it felt good.

Two weeks after Nationals I'll be racing the Utica Boilermaker in upstate New York.  It is a very deep 15km and will be a good prep for the World Championships Marathon.  I'm pretty sure there will be a couple of members from the US World Championship Marathon team competing as well.

Bruno is coming out in two weeks!

Best Bruno clip from a few years ago...

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