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don’t worry, be snappy

May 20, 2007

For the second weekend in a row I went back to Hamtilton for my long run and to visit my family.  The trails in the Dundas Conservation Area are amazing and I like to get in a very hilly run every now and then.  I cut back to 150km this week and got in some speed work that I’ll need for my upcoming races.  It was a little shock to the system as Wednesday I couldn’t break 28 seconds for 200m (and felt like I was standing still as my training partners cruised 25 and 26’s) but on Friday I was rolling through 27 seconds on my way to 300m repeats.  I was surprised how hard it was Wednesday for my legs to turnover and relieved how much better it felt two days later.  This week 1/3 of my hard running was on the track, and I suspect, for the most part, that I will be doing much more on the track from here on in.  Next week I’ll start to bring down the mileage a bit so I can feel fresh for the 5000m on June 2nd.  And, I think a 1500m on Saturday should help get some more snap in my legs too.

NYC is looking like it will be one of only a couple races that I will compete in that will give me a crack at a standard.  There aren’t a lot of races out there in June and early July in which I will get an opportunity to run 13:teens to 20’s with bodies, so I have to make sure I take advantage of the ones that do. 

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