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1500m in Hamilton

May 27, 2007

Another solid week of training with workouts monday and wednesday and a 1500m race on saturday, 140km for the week.  The 1500 should really help me with the 5000m next weekend in NYC.  The start lists should be up pretty soon at

For saturday’s 1500m I  returned to the site of my very first race which took place in 1988, give or take a year.  A couple of family friends who were a little bit older than me were doing the CANUSA games trials for the 1500m.  Since I was over at their house that day I went along with them to Mohawk Sports Complex on the East Mountain in Hamilton.  Once I got to the race they told me I should race too,  even though I was much younger than the other athletes.  I have no idea how I did but I remember getting my ass kicked by 12-13 year olds when I was about 9.  But I do remember where the race started so I know it was a 1500m.  I’ve been up by that track about 30 times during highschool but only because there is a halfpipe right beside the track. 

Yesterday’s 1500 went well for me considering where my focus has been so far this season.  I ran 3:45.63 and split 30’s pretty much the whole way through for each 200m.  Jose Carvalho did a good job of taking the leader,  Matt Lincoln, through 800 in 1:59-2:00 and I was right behind him.  Taylor Milne, fellow training partner who kills me in shorter repeats, went by me in the last 200m to finish with a 3:44.45.  Lincoln won the race in 3:42.51 having a great last lap.  Good PB’s for Boorsma and Angus.

Matt Lincoln Phoenix 3:42.5
Taylor Milne Speed River/New Balance 3:44.4
Reid Coolsaet Speed River/Reebok 3:45.6
Kyle Boorsma Speed River 3:49.4
Justin Duncan Mississauga 3:50.5
Saheed Kahn TOC 3:51
Cleve Thorson Saugeen 3:51
Angus McCaulay Speed River 3:52
Andrew Smith Brooks Marathon Project 3:54
Chris Reginfo TOC 3:58
Trevor Caldwell UTTC 4:01
John Corbitt Speed River 4:01
Matt Suda London Western 4:02
Martin Labute Windsor Legion 4:03
Lee McCaron Speed River 4:06
Paul Felix Speed River 4:12

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