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Torok Falls

February 7, 2016

John Mason, Tom Lancashire, Colm Sheahan and I decided to make a little adventure out of a Sunday run. Last year I saw a sign “Torok Waterfall Tourist Attraction 2km” about 19km from camp. So we headed out that way with a matatu (hired van) in search of a waterfall.



Running down the road, followed by matatu


I was only running 13km (as I did my long run Saturday) and jumped in the matatu as the other guys added on to get in 26km.



Moses driving the matatu


When I was waiting at the junction in Kapkoi curious kids kept coming out of the woodwork. This little village of Kapkoi is 20km from Iten and over 10km in the other direction to the small town of Kaptagat. And the road is rough so not much traffic goes through there.



The sign I saw last year 19km down the road on an out-n-back 38km run


Kapkoi gas station



Village of Kapkoi



Post run picture. The kids are checking out their picture on my phone via GoPro


Once we were at the end of drivable road there was a 1km hike to the falls. At this point a few people became our tour guides. Brian and Edwin were good, but Peter Rono was really drunk and annoying. We only paid two of them.


Peter, in the foreground, is completely drunk. Edwin and Brian were good guides


Walking down to the falls



Upstream of the falls women were doing laundry



A couple of mini falls on the way to the big drop


The view from the falls was awesome but the view of the actual falls was obscured by trees. Most people visit the falls by the road at the bottom of the valley.


John and Colm on the viewpoint. This is where we really didn’t want drunk Peter hanging around



The falls are about 20 feet to the right of me but obscured by trees



Looking straight down the falls. I would have needed a selfie stick to get a picture of the falls from here



The viewpoint was incredible. So cool to see all the little villages below.





After the main view point we hiked over to the side to take pictures of the actual falls.


Tom and I taking pics of Torok falls


You can see the stream of the falls if you look closely


Below are pictures from below and from the sky I found on google



  1. February 7, 2016 9:14 am

    Cool adventure, Reid. Thanks for sharing something I’ll only see through your eyes!

  2. February 21, 2016 9:39 pm

    Was that the “Peter Rono” ?

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