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I met myself in a dream

May 20, 2014

Slowly but surely my fitness is coming back. My right hip/groin/abdomen injury has been been improving except for a little setback yesterday. We did a track session (8 x 800m) that went well. I eased into the 800’s and felt good throughout and then my right hip tightened up on the cool-down. It’s a little better today after a bunch of foam rolling and I think/hope it will keep improving. Next week I have an MRI to see exactly what’s up.

This weekend I’m going to pace Gillis at the Ottawa Marathon. I feel I’m fit enough to help him out and hopefully pace him past halfway. It’s a good thing I decided to pace Gillis because it motivated me to get in shape despite my injury constantly annoying me. From Ottawa I’ll have four weeks to get in some good sessions before I head to Vancouver for the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon #SVHM.

I ran SVHM in 2012 and missed the record by 6 or 7 seconds. There is a bonus for the record so it would be worth it for me to pay a little more attention to the clock this time around. It’s a fun course, running from UBC to Stanley Park with a tough go over the Burard street bridge around 18km. Press Release.

On May 31st we have the Speed River Inferno Presented by New Balance at The University of Guelph’s Alumni Stadium. If all goes well I’ll pace the 5000m at the Inferno. That depends on my recovery from pacing Ottawa. Everyone is welcome to join the Road Mile 7:30pm on the 30th and the fun run 8am on the 31st

I’m looking forward to these pacing duties. It’s a fun way to get in a solid session and I get to help out my teammates. If things are going well I can stay in longer and if I’m having an off-day I can pull the plug early. There is of course pressure to hit specific paces and I feel confident with marathon pacing. Hitting 65 second 400’s is harder because I rarely run that fast anymore.

  1. Lorna Wiggins permalink
    May 20, 2014 10:26 pm

    Dear Reid, I hope your hip and groin heal and that you are soon out of pain. Thank you for calling last Sunday—I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much. I still do not have my address book from my old computer. I think I will just have to have the lady who installed the new computer just print the address book off my old tower and then have Karen put the names back on manually. Honey, do take care of yourself. Wish you could come down for Leah’s wedding. I am having a lot of Harpers over on Sunday to meet the girls and see Grandy and 2 Wiggins ‘ cousins are coming Monday to meet them. Take good care of yourself. Lots of love, Nornee

  2. Fred permalink
    May 25, 2014 3:48 pm

    Congrats on pacing Gillis to a 2:13. I hope you guys keep her going.

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