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There’s no time to be reserved

September 17, 2012

I don’t often laugh while running alone but yesterday this guy at a co-ed Sunday morning softball league game almost had me slumped over (I did manage to keep on running).  As I ran by the game a guy smacked a homer (it’s just a grass field so the ball sailed over the outfielders, not a wall) and as he pumped his fist while rounding second base he yelled “NOW THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL POWER, LADIES!” I wasn’t the only one laughing, there were also some chuckles from the dugout (and when I say dugout I mean lawn chairs and coolers).

When it comes to laughing while running with other people, well it happens on just about every warm-up with the group in Guelph (Speed River + U of Guelph team).  We’re great at pointing out the shortcomings of ourselves and others.

On Friday I’m going to take part in the Olympic Heroes Parade in downtown Toronto.  There will be a lot of Olympians walking/riding in cars from Nathan Philips Square down to the Air Canada Centre (South on Bay st, West on Wellington st, South on York st).  If I don’t get a seat in a moving vehicle you can rest assured that I’ll rent a Bixi bike along the way.  I need to save my legs for the Zoo Run 10km the next day.  And while I’m on the topic, training for the Zoo Run turned a positive corner some days ago as my legs slowly keep feeling more alive.


…to give our London 2012 Heroes the welcome-home they deserve! The parade will start just North of Bay and Queen. The parade will be comprised of 25 vehicles including Chevrolet convertibles and pick-up trucks. Olympians will be travelling both in cars and on-foot to meet & greet fans along the route. The parade will also feature bands, London cabs, and an old-school double-decker bus. Culminating at Maple Leaf Square, the celebration with continue with a DJ, Canadian pop-rock band Neverest and on-stage interviews with athletes.

I can’t write a blog today without mentioning Supercrawl.  Supercrawl is an annual arts festival on James St N in Hamilton.  It’s only been around since 2009 but it’s gaining a lot of momentum, it’s actually quite astonishing to see how much its grown each year.  This year the musical headlines were Said The Whale, The Great Lake Swimmers and K’Naan (all free btw).  Anyways, I had a fun time at Supercrawl and the Hammer rocks!

Creepy art on display

Mystery Machine took the stage and brought me right back to my early high school days.

  1. Julie Gravelle permalink
    September 17, 2012 11:50 am

    Well Reid , I can only imagine how much I’ll be laughing on Saturday as I am running the Zoo run too. Very cool knowing I’ll be “sharing” the trail with an Olympian. But laughing as you’ll be going twice as fast as I will be. Looking forward to seeing you pass by me on your turnaround.Cheers!!

  2. Lorna Wiggins permalink
    September 17, 2012 5:36 pm

    Reid, So glad Toronto is having a parade for the 2012 Olympic heroes. You certainly deserve to be in a car. Good luck on the Zoo race. I am not quite sure what that is. Grandy told me about the Professor asking you to be House Mother while she is away completing her studies. That is great! The weather is getting cooler down here-how about a visit? Lots of love, Nornee PS Have you had trouble with your legs since the Olympics? Please take good care of yourself.


  3. September 22, 2012 12:39 am

    Best of luck at the Oasis ZooRun 10k tomorrow!

    I was surprised to see the course changed somewhat (at least for the 5k), but it should be fun! The zoo route is always interesting with plenty of variety.

    Now, I wonder if my 5k time will be faster or slower than your 10k time…

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