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I’ve pretended not to notice what’s been happening inside

May 21, 2012

14 12 week marathon build-up

Those antibiotics did the trick and I am now breathing normally, no more wheezing.  The bronchitis actually got a little worse before it got better so I ended taking a day off and running very easy for the rest of the week.  When I take it easy I run on routes in which I know the length, but without a watch, that way I don’t know/care how slow I’m running but I can still fill in my weekly mileage.  Tomorrow I’m going to try a tempo workout however, I’m not putting too much weight on the pace because the antibiotics are still in my system.  Maybe later in the week things will really start to click.

Once again a big thank you to everyone who donated to the “All for the Run” project.  Big props to Shawn Brady for coming up with this idea and including me. The generous guy who Shawn is he didn’t even want any of the proceeds, he was happy to simply have his song hit the airwaves.  I’m happy to say that in the end I am getting $2500, which is a good chunk of change to help with training costs.  $2819 went into the production of the video.

When I first got to university Shawn Brady was one of the top cross-country runners in the province running for Queens.  Our paths crossed a couple years later at the 2001 World Championships in Edmonton.  One night towards the end of the championships there was a beer mile at a secluded track with about 70 people taking part.  After the beer mile most people ventured to a nearby house party.  Nate Brannen and I noticed that people left a lot of unopened beers by the track so we filled our backpacks and brought them to the party.  Well I guess Shawn came back for his beer in the grass which we had already taken and dumped into a communal cooler at the house party.  Shawn asked me where his beer was and I didn’t know by that point and he told me I owed him.  To this day Shawn still jokes that I owe him a beer.  I really do owe him a beer now after his idea to help raise some training funds for me.

A 40 minute documentary came out today featuring some american collegiate runners who trained together last summer in Maine.  I really liked the video but I wish they had introduced the runners in the beginning so I knew who they all were off the bat.

Last Monday Scott Russell and Teddy Katz from CBC came to practice to film the workout and get some interviews.  Here is a little clip of me suffering CLICK HERE.  Looking back I should have known that what I had was worse than a typical cold but I guess I was hoping for the best.  It’s one of those things I get away with 19/20 times but this was one I shouldn’t have trained through. Live and learn.

Sometimes when I use an obscure lyric as my blog title I want to turn it into a trivia question to see if someone actually recognizes it but, with google it’s pointless.  This line was taken from one of my favourite albums from high school, Perpetual Motion Machine by 13 Engines.

  1. BBB permalink
    May 21, 2012 9:50 pm

    Recognized one of your titles before, was a Stone’s tune if I recall; gimme shelter I think. Good to hear your feeling better, good luck with the tempo!

  2. Adam Snow permalink
    May 22, 2012 12:44 pm

    Was “Hey fellas have you heard the news?” from that Pearl Jam b-side “Leaving Here”?

    I’m sure that phrase has been in more than one song.

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