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Ides of March

March 15, 2010

For the past three months I’ve been doing one tempo session, one fartlek (or track), one light speed session, two mileage days, one easy day and a long run each week (12 runs/week). My good friend got married last Thursday in Cancun so I juggled the week around to accommodate the mini vacation.  I did my hard tempo session on Monday in Guelph with the group and then my hard track session Wednesday morning with Josephat before I flew to Mexico.  On Friday I had 7 X 3min on the schedule and it turned out to be the hottest day there.  It was 32C although it felt like 39C (102F) with the humidity and I suffered dearly in the scorching sun.  The first five repeats were tough but I managed a respectable pace before falling apart on the 6th and then decided to do a few shorter repeats than one more three minuter.  In my head I kept wondering if this suffering was going to make me tougher or give me heat stroke.  After the workout I drank a ton and then went to the Ocean and felt fine, so I’ll say the session made me tougher, haha.  I got back on Saturday night and then did my long run (32km) on Sunday.

Wednesday’s track session was quite interesting.  I did a bunch of 400m repeats for the first time this year and there was about 50m of ice covering the track at the one end on the bend.  The day before was quite warm but since I was doing the workout early in the morning before my flight it was still cold outside.  I found a box of salt and tossed some onto lane one and Josephat broke it up a bit since he was wearing spikes.  We started the interval right before the ice so we wouldn’t hit it at full speed. The first bit was slow going but after a few repeats I was able to squeeze the time on the ice from 8 seconds down to 6 seconds.  It almost felt like the interval started after 6 seconds of running.  All in alll Monday and Wednesday were solid workouts and another step in the right direction. 

Wedding on the beach.  Very laid back.

Hanging on the beach during the wedding.

BTW, Shaun White hair was cut after he won the gold.

  1. John permalink
    March 15, 2010 7:25 pm

    Silly question. I’ve always had difficulties running in central and South America – being chased by stray dogs, not great roads/paths/sidewalks. Would you consider Cancun an “easy” place to get a run in? Is it actually common to see people running there?

    • reidcoolsaet permalink*
      March 15, 2010 9:16 pm

      The running wasn’t great in Cancun but for a resort it was good enough and very easy. There is a pedestrian path beside the main road of Hotels that is very long (at least 10km long). I ran past the end one day and out of the hotel region and it wasn’t too bad. At one point I was running in the grass median between the roads and above the sidewalk there was a worker doing some work and chunks of cement were falling where I would of been running had I not been lured by the grass. I would suggest staying on the hotel pedestrian path.

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