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November 8, 2009

Big news was announced for Toronto and Hamilton on Friday… we’re getting the 2015 PAN AM Games!  Man I wish we had secured the 2010 Commonwealth Games or the 2011 Pan Ams, but better late than never.  With these games comes a new 15 000 seater stadium and a practice track.  Although the track in the main stadium may get ripped out after the games to accomodate the CFL.  Right now 2015 seems so far away.

I just finished my third “up week” in which I recorded my three highest mileage weeks ever (3 week avg was 195km).  This fall I had two sets of three weeks “up” which is one more than I had before the Berlin Marathon.  I feel very fit right now and I think after a couple of 160km (100 mile) weeks my legs will be ready to race.  Sometimes it still seems crazy to me that 160km is a “down week” for me but then I remember that I’ve been doing this running thing for a while

Some people have asked me why I’m running more mileage now than I did before my marathons.  Ideally I would  run more mileage during marathon training than XC/10 000m training but my training for the marathons was not ideal for a couple of reasons.

 Before Ottawa I was still building up from a broken foot and I topped out at 146km (highest 3 weeks averaging 137km).  While training for Berlin I was able to build up to 191km (highest 3 week avg 188km) but because of the short time frame between marathons I had to start my taper before I could build any higher.  

My mileage is very similar now than it was for the marathon but my training is quite different.  My long runs are shorter and my workouts are shorter, faster and are more frequent.  With the increased intensity and frequency of workouts I find my recovery runs are done a little slower.  I did fewer workouts while training for the marathon but each workout was longer so the overall volume of quality is pretty similar on a weekly basis.

The craziest part about the marathon training in the summer and my training today is that the temperature was pretty much the same.  Looking forward to another 18C day tomorrow!!!  What will November 28th bring us this year?…

Now I’m off to see the Junior Boys concert.

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  1. gtown permalink
    November 8, 2009 11:16 pm

    Awesome photos on that link. T-bone had most of his hair.

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