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The worried people shaking the whole house

September 9, 2009

Saw a great Band of Horses concert while I was in Victoria. 


The next morning in Vic I did my first run over 30 minutes since the marathon.  Elk/Beaver Lake 10km with Jim Finlayson, Ryan McKenzie, Adam Cambell, Todd Howard and Trevor O’Brien.  Great to see those guys again, it’s been too long since I’ve been in Victoria.  Jasper was going to come out too but he is still in recovery mode after his latest Ironman.

The next day I missed hooking up with Ollie Blake because I got the Vancouver Aquatic Centre mixed up with the outdoor pool in Stanley Park.  My sister and I did get dinner with Kristina and Ollie later that day (Hey Krody!).  Now I’m back in Ontario ramping up the training and planning on doing my first workout Monday back in Guelph with the group. 

I’m not planning on racing much this fall.  I need to have a good long training block and build-up for next year.  I’ll do  the Run for the Toad trail race in October as a Tempo run and then race National Cross Country Champs on  November 28th.  Maybe one road race before Nat XC.

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