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5th of November

November 5, 2008

“We ain’t ready to see a black President

Some things will never change” 

Tupac Shakur

I was going to use these Tupac lyrics but I didn’t want people who aren’t familiar with his lyrics thinking that I was the one not ready to see a black president.  Well Tupac, things did change and it’s pretty exciting. So exciting that I think Canadians paid more attention to the US elections than our own recent elections.  Or at least it seemed that way in terms of facebook ‘status updates’ in the past 24 hours.


This morning on my run Josephat was pretty happy about Obama being elected President.  Obama, afterall, is a Kenyan name.  Josephat was too beat-up the last couple of days to go running, a marathon will do that, and this morning he joined me for my warmup. Today I did my first set of distance intervals in the form of 3 X 3.25km.  They felt pretty good considering the pacing I did on Sunday. 

Tomorrow, Max Paquette, Taylor Murphy, Mark Vollmer, Taylor Milne, Rob Watson, Tim Konoval, John Corbit and I are starting our adventure to Quebec.  We’re renting this RV…  so if you see us parked on the Plains of Abraham come by and say Hi.


We’ll get past Toronto on Thursday evening and get the rest of the trip done on Friday.  We’ll do a workout sometime on Friday, hopefully on the CIS course and a long-run on the weekend.  Saturday will be tons of fun cheering the Gryphons on in the Canadian Uni championships.

Just in case some of the other guys forget towels, I’m bringing this one. 


Quebec should be good.  No doubt we’ll see some of this Saturday night from Konoval.


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    That’s an all round good article!!!

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