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Friday on my mind

July 3, 2008

Friday’s not really on my mind at all. 

Enough writing about my injury and running for a bit, since I’m sick of my injury and I’m not running for a while. 

Highlight of the day: It’s a toss up…

Tonight, after dinner, with my parents and Eric Kiauka I stopped at a red light and saw a familiar face.  I said, “Mike Long” and the guy (confirmed as Mike Long) turns around and then I say, “love the vids man!”  It’s not everyday I get to see a celebrity.  I’m sure a few of you might not be familiar with Mike Long but this guy put out one video a day for one year straight! And this is crazy because it was just earlier in the day that I introduced Eric to Mike Long’s video’s via youtube (see a couple vids below).


Because I’m on downtime and I’ve planned on putting on a few pounds.  This morning I drove out to Highway 97 to Dee’s butter tarts for a half dozen tarts (Peanut butter chocolate chip, Skor, Maple, Raisin, Smores and Caramilk).  They were having some sort of promotion going on where you pop a balloon and win a prize.  Well, I ended up winning a 6 pack of butter tarts!  As I exited Dee’s there was a camera and Dee herself explaining how they are making their 1,000,000th butter tart this week.  So, I’m the happy customer walking out the door with the butter tarts in hand.  By the way, the butter tarts are really good.

Lowpoint of the day:  I read this excerpt from an article in the Guelph Mercury. “Coolsaet and Stellingwerff “chased the dragon” all year trying to qualify, but injury and health issues got in their way.”  I didn’t get to chase shit! And, Hilary is still chasing, she’s not done yet!  It’s not really a big deal, so if this is the lowpoint it’s a pretty good day, haha. Oh, and I guess I kinda just wrote about the injury, oops.


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  1. July 5, 2008 11:29 am

    Interesting version of Jet Boy, Jet Girl. Surprised you haven’t included Hamilton’s best punk band, The Forgotten Rebels though.

    Get Healthy!

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