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Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon

July 3, 2015

My quads were sore from the Vancouver Half for four days. I know this is due to the downhill nature of the course but I don’t remember taking that long to recover from when I raced SVHM in 2012. Is age catching up to to me at 35?

I won the race again, although 2 minutes slower than 2012. That can be explained by the heat and not being pushed by Eric and Kip for most of the race. You would think running that much slower would be easier on the legs.

I’ll blame the sluggish recovery on running hilly runs after the race, drinking beer Sunday night, and not being in marathon mode (toughened legs from high km). The age factor does creep in my mind from time to time. I do a few things differently now than a few years ago. The main thing is that I run 10 times per week instead of 12. It doesn’t sound like much but those two afternoons without running really helps recovery.



I’m excited to race the Utica Boilermaker 15km next weekend (July 12). The competition at the Boilermaker is always really tough and will give me a good fitness indicator. Even if it’s hot (slow time) I’ll be able to see where I am relative to the Africans. I raced Boilermaker back in 2009 in the lead-up to Berlin WC marathon. It’s a really fun race with over 10,000 runners in the 15km and finishes at Saranac Brewery. After Boilermaker I’ll transition into marathon training.

Before the race I took in the Canada vs England Women’s World Cup game. It was an amazing atmosphere and a good game but unfortunate Canada lost. After the race Marie and I spent a few days in Vancouver and went out to Deep Cove for a hike and a donut from Honey’s. Of course a stop at the New Balance Store on Robson where I got my first peak at the new Vazee running shoes (there was a pair at my house when I got home).






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