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I get up around seven

September 15, 2013

I haven’t done one of these running log posts in a very long time:

MON: 35km
AM 29km, [6km warm-up, workout: 20 min tempo, 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 4min, 3min, 2min, 1min, 15 min, (3 min set rest, 1 min between fartlek intervals), all under 3:06/km, 2.7km cool-down]
PM: 6km

TUE: 35km (34 Celsius!)
AM: 20km
40 min pool run
PM: 15km with strides and drills

WED: 31km (still hot)
AM: 21km
Core exercises
PM: 10km (very tired, not recovered due to heat?)

THUR: 38km
AM: 31km [ 6.5km warm-up, workout: 50min @ 3:06/km, 6 min rest, 13min @ 3:06/km, 3.3km cool-down]
PM: 7km

FRI: 34km
AM: 21km
Core exercises
PM: 13km, drills

SAT: 34km
AM: 34km (2:27:48)

SUN: 12km
AM: 12km
PM: 40 min pool running

Overall it was a good week of training and I’m pleased with my fitness 11 weeks out from Fukuoka.  I didn’t recover properly after Monday’s session but I believe the tipping point was the brutal heat (perhaps I should have taken it easier Tuesday given the conditions).  By Wednesday I was dragging my feet and I told myself a slow pace was fine because I needed to recover. I think it barely worked as I ran ‘well enough’ Thursday morning but I was far from feeling good as it was still humid.  On Saturday I felt good on my long run and was happy to ‘come around.’  Sunday was an easy day as I needed substantial recovery going into this week because I’m racing Sept 21  (Oasis Zoo 10km which are also the Canadian 10km road champs).

It was good to see Dylan Wykes return to racing by winning the Vancouver Eastside 10km in 29:42.

Great finish at today’s Great North Run half marathon.


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