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Sell my time and do the best I can

June 12, 2013

Thanks for the all the kind words and encouragement.

I ended up going to see the surgeon for a consultation last Thursday (6th) and went to the hospital fasted (no food since the night before) just in case there was a chance they could operate that day. Moulton drove me to St. Joe’s in Hamilton and we both thought same-day surgery was a long shot but I didn’t want a full stomach to be the limiting factor in the off-chance surgery was possible.

Dr. Moro (highly regarded surgeon I was lucky to get hooked-up with) went over my X-rays with me and told me about the different options.  Seeing that there was a 26mm gap between the two parts of my clavicle, he suggested that a plate be inserted to ensure the bone joins again. The main part of my clavicle was much higher than usual because I ripped the ligaments that hold it in place. Luckily a bed was available later that afternoon and I was able to go under the knife that evening.


When I woke up from surgery I remember coming to for a split second and trying to thank Dr. Moro (not sure if I actually said anything but I think I gave a thumbs up or a point). I was out again for a while and when I woke up in my hospital room the pain started to creep in. The nurse hooked morphine up to my IV and I waited for that to do it’s magic. 30 minutes later the nurse checked in on me and I told her the pain was only increasing. She realized she never fully hooked it up, flicked something, told me it should work now and apologized. The pain was constant all night, morphine apparently doesn’t work on everyone.

In the morning I mentioned that the morphine wasn’t working and she gave me percocet as that is what I was going to take once I left the hospital in a few hours anyways. Within 30 minutes the pain went down considerably.

My mom drove up from Michigan and took me back to Guelph. I was pretty useless and spaced for a couple days after the surgery from the painkillers. They started to make me sick so for the past 5 days I’ve only been taking Tylenol 3’s to get to sleep. My mom stayed in Guelph for the weekend and took care of the meals and the house while I vegged in a chair. She was such a big help, thanks mom!

Over the past few days I’ve seen improvement with pain although my mobility is still practically non-existent. I’ve been walking around the past two days and hope to get on the stationary bike in the next few days.

On the 20th I have an appointment with Dr. Moro to see how the healing is going. After another week of healing, more x-rays and the expert’s advice I should have a good idea on what sort of timeline I’m looking at to get back into the swing of things.


  1. June 13, 2013 5:46 am

    Hey, tough break man. Best of luck on the recovery!

  2. chiken little permalink
    June 13, 2013 10:07 pm

    I saw you like The Smiths, may I suggest Morrissey’s Vauxhall and I during your recovery? My best long ride album…

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