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Where are we now?

January 13, 2013

Only two days until Eric and I leave for Kenya.  Eric recently got a GoPro and is planning on putting footage up on his blog, check that out.  I’ll continue to put pics up on this blog but for more pics get into the Instagram game (@reidcoolsaet).

This weekend was a real treat for running in Southern Ontario as the temps soared into the double digits, the snow melted and the trails were run-able.  On Saturday morning I got in a good long run.  I was planning on 38km, Dave suggested 40km and I ended up with 42.25km.  Runs have been pretty boring lately on the roads so I sought out a nice loop that had a lot of dirt roads and it was just what I needed.  I did the first 17km with Scotty, Sunseri, and Genest and then continued on by myself*.  I took in a few sips of Ironman Perform at 17km and then a PowerBar gel at 30km.  I got to 34km and was feeling good so I decided on 40km. When I hit 40km I figured I might as well get in the full distance.

Earlier in the week I had an awfully slow tempo run.  The plan was to run a solid 60 minute ‘tempo’ and increase the speed every 20 minute portion.  I started out, what I thought, conservatively but then I only got slower. As the run got into the latter stages and I knew it wasn’t going to be a good one I started to be   My legs have been super tired because I’ve been running more mileage than I have since before the Olympics and the running has all been on roads and snow (until this weekend).  There will be a little lag until I get used to this volume and start to feel quick again.

Time to get packing. Later.

*I actually ran with music for the last 25km, which I normally don’t do but quite enjoyed for the long haul.

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  1. Shane Lavell permalink
    January 14, 2013 12:40 pm

    Reid when you say slow tempo what pace we talking 5:10’s? Film those fartlek runs in Iten brother.., nothing that would grab those guys attention more the à mazunga with à caméra strapped to his head jamming deal for deal. I did a 13 mile longrun in Ellicottville Sunday.. 6 miles of it @6:00/mi felt very good… I am thinking shot If 9 weeks ago I was hurting at 7:00/mi pace that by late summer i should be able to roll low 5:00 pace for a hour… a skill that might be of use to a guy like you from time to time… Enjoy Kenya…Shane

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