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Someday the grapes will be wine

June 3, 2012

On Tuesday morning I picked up Andrew Yorke for our workout in Guelph.  He had said he was good with the workout when I explained it to him the day before.  When he got in the car I asked him if he was going to do the whole 50 minute and 20 minute tempo.  “50 minutes! I thought you said 15 and 20?!” I could tell at that point he was wondering what the hell he got himself into here.

Gillis and I had a solid workout and Yorke ran well for his 15 minute and 20 minute tempo within our 50 minute section.

This past week started out with July weather and ended with April weather, miserable April weather.  On Friday we got poured on, we were soaked within minutes.  It was another tempo workout but with more breaks and a little bit of pace changing.  In the first interval my laces came undone and I pulled over to tie them up except when I went to tie them my hands were frozen and it took me much longer.  It was good practise to have to run down Eric and Simon. I tried to time it so I would catch them by the end of the interval.  I didn’t quite get there but I was within feet.

Soaking wet.


Hilary Stellingwerff ran a PB in the 1500m (4:05.08) on Thursday in Rome which beat the Olympic A standard.  That means she needs to finish in the top 3 at the Olympic trials to qualify for London.  Alex Genest is also in the same position to qualify for London.  Less than a month to go before the trials!

Here’s a video of the last 600m of Rome Diamond League.

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