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Take the world

December 29, 2011


I was going to write some sort of running-year-in-review for 2011 because I was pleased with how the year went but what I’m really excited about is 2012.  The next few months look really cool… a training camp in Kenya, a 10km XC race in Luxembourg, my first Around the Bay 30km, a training camp with the Speed River crew in Flagstaff and another Toronto Yonge Street 10km.  Then, in May, it will be time to start the marathon build-up for London (that is if my time holds up in the top 3).  I’m also really looking forward to the US Olympic trials as well as Simon, Dylan and Rob in their marathons.

I just got done reading a Chuck Klosterman book and I thought I’d come up with my own hypothetical question.

Look at these two runners over a 4 year span.

Runner A:  Seasonal 10km bests: 28:40, 28:30, 28:20, 28:10.  Runs about 12 races each year.  Finishes between 3-5 at Nationals on the track and XC each year.  Goes to World XC twice, year 1 and 3.  Runs pain-free all four years.

Runner B: Season 10km bests: 28:40, 28:00, injured, injured. Runs a few races in year one, 12 races in year two, no races in last two years because of injuries.  3rd at Nats year one, wins nationals in year two.  One World XC in year 1 and Commonwealth Games 10 000m in year 2.  Lots of x-trianing in year 3 and 4 with sporadic weeks of running here and there.

Which career would you choose? A ‘slower’ runner with consistency or a better top-end with more frustration. For those of you who chose runner A, does your answer stay the same if Runner B went to the Olympics in year 2 instead of CWG?

If I had to pick my favourite song of 2011 it would be “Take the World” by She Wants Revenge, although that changes all the time.  Favourite albums, “5 Easy Pieces” by the Sheepdogs and “It’s All True” by the Junior Boys.  My favourite 2011 book was “The Sisters Brothers” by Patrick DeWitt. I’d add “Unbroken” by Laura Hildebrand although technically it came out last year.  I can’t pick any movie because I haven’t even seen three of the movies I really want to see (Moneyball, Sherlock Holmes and the Inbetweeners).

Next up Toronto Midnite New Year’s 5km!

Thanks for reading and have Happy and Healthy New Year!


  1. December 31, 2011 8:33 am

    Yes to Klosterman. Great writer. Which book did you read?

    Moneyball was good. My fave of the year (which immediately went into my top 5 all-time) was Warrior. This was a surprise for me. I’m not into UFC at all so I originally passed on this movie, but eventually I gave it a shot and it was amazing. Not your typical testosterone filled Rocky knockoff. Check it out.

  2. paul Trebilcock permalink
    December 31, 2011 6:39 pm

    I would have to say thats my favourite video of 2011

  3. January 3, 2012 8:19 pm

    Have a great trip dude!


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