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Movember Awards

November 30, 2011

Unfortunately I didn’t participate in Movember by growing a moustache.  What I did do however was donate some money to 5 of my friends who grew some fine specimens under their noses.  In no particular oder here are the 2011 Mowards…

Creeper awardTim looks like a straight up pedophile with his ‘stache.  On top of that he is a teacher.  It’s bad enough looking like a sex offender around your colleagues but scaring the crap out of your students puts this ‘stache into another level.  For the sake of protection we had to omit the rest of his face.

Creative AwardPaul has gone above and beyond the typical push broom moustache and has cultivated his own creation.  I have to travel with Paul in the new year so I’m hoping he doesn’t get any ideas about Manuary or there will be questions at the border.

Hulk Hogen Award – This award needs no explanation whatsoever.  Derek wins this one hands down.  Here’s a picture of the Hulk (692) leading National XC right before he ripped off his singlet.

Drug Dealer AwardSeth looks like he should be in Miami working for some South American drug cartel.  I think the hair reminds me of Johnny Depp in Blow.


Raking Leaves on a Windy Day AwardChris gets an A for effort, especially since he updated a pic everyday on FB.  If he would have taken my advice with the ‘Just For Men’ brush-in dye I’m sure it would be more visible.





  1. Derek permalink
    November 30, 2011 6:15 pm

    Thanks for the Hulk Award Reid!
    A better picture located here:


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