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Peace of mind, it’s a piece of cake

September 9, 2011

5.5 weeks to go until STWM

Since the 1/2 marathon I’ve been hitting it pretty hard, big mileage, racing a car, all culminating with a tough workout yesterday (which went really well). So today I’m taking my first day-off of running since July.  I usually don’t go that long without a rest day but I guess I’ve just gotten carried away with training.  However, my legs are telling me to chill out for a day and that’s what I’m gonna do.

OK, racing a car wasn’t actually that hard.  For the first few blocks I was trailing the car and I was pushing the pace around 3:40/km.  At that point I figured I had no chance and thought; there’s no shame in losing to an Aston Martin.  But then the traffic swelled and I was able to cruise past the car.  A few blocks later it was clear that I was going to kill the car so I slowed up quite a bit.

Filming for the documentary continues and here is a little interview after the Virginia Beach 1/2 marathon.

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