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I’m in the grip of a hurricane

August 28, 2011

7 weeks to go until STWM

I’m certainly glad that the 1/2 marathon in Virginia Beach is next Sunday considering Irene ripped through there this weekend.  It’s also a good thing this 1/2 is coming up soon because my tired legs are in need of a “down” week.  This “down” week will still likely be around 180km with Thursday’s workout being shorter than usual since we’ll be running for over an hour hard on Sunday.  I’m really looking forward to this 1/2 marathon because I think the race, as well as a couple key workouts to come, will give me a good idea about what pace I want at STWM.

On Wednesday and Friday my legs were very tired for my morning runs.  This is par for coming off my biggest mileage week and still logging over 210km this week.  On top of that, I had good quality workouts on Monday and Thursday.  Thursday we did mile repeats on the road around exhibition park, the same venue as last year.  This was my best set of mile repeats in a marathon build-up to date and it bodes well for the 1/2 coming up.  The only thing I was afraid of during the workout was not being able to match my splits the next time I do this workout, haha.

Yesterday Gillis and Watson came to Hamilton to join Karanja and myself for a long run on the Sulpher Spring trails.  I love these trails and I talk about them all the time so I’m glad these guys got the grand tour and an appreciation for the hills. 4:25/km is not the same as 4:25/km on normal trails.

Worlds Worlds Worlds!  What can I say, they’re off to a great start already, great races and plenty of drama in the men’s 100m. In fact that’s why I’m writing a blog tonight, I’m at my computer waiting to see Alex Genest (repping Speed River) and Matt Hughes run the steeplechase (9:40pm EST).  Exciting races in the 10 000’s and Women’s marathon, although it’s been frustrating to watch some of the coverage because they’ll pan into random audiences or dissect a mediocre long jump during a distance final.  The announcers were also frustrated about the video feed they were getting during the men’s 10 000m today.  I tried streaming Eurosport coverage but they get the same feed as CBC.  I’m not sure who is directing the shots but I’m certain their head is somewhere in their anus.



  1. September 6, 2011 2:47 pm

    Agree head very far up anus for director. I was literally holding my head in my hands while watching long jump and then discus… take over the screen… Counting the minutes we were missing. I think we ended up seeing less than 10 minutes of the actual race. Easily. Was somewhere around 8.. 8 out of 27 .. not very good if you ask me.


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