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Mine’s on the 45

August 22, 2011

8 weeks to go until STWM.

Before my build-up I thought I was going to peak my weekly mileage at 240km (149 miles), well that’s not going to happen. I got over 230km and I’ll have to settle with that as I’m not planning on going any higher in the next 8 weeks.  Running 45km on Friday didn’t hurt in setting my highest weekly total ever.  That long-run went well, Gillis and I were able to nail our tempo portion dead-on pace.  The only side-effect I had was a tight plantar, probably from trying to protect my toe joint.  My foot was still tight today and I think that put a little extra strain on my calf when we we’re doing our fartlek.  A couple easy days, massage, CEP socks, icing, Zanagen and maybe some non-impact should help it get back to normal.

Last week Paul Gains wrote an article on myself for the upcoming STWM and I think a Bairu article might be coming up this week.  Rob Watson and Gillis articles are in the works too.

World Track and Field Championships in Daegu, South Korea start on Saturday and once again there will be a lot of content on  As the WC marathon approaches I’ll likely wish I was racing there but I’m sure once the race is on and I see the conditions (hot and humid) I’ll be more than happy with my choice to race STWM.  Alex Genest is representing Speed River in Daegu in the Steeplechase, the heats are on Aug 29 and the final Sept 1st.

Here’s a video after the Acura 10 miler last week

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