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This time tomorrow what will we know

November 28, 2010

In general I wouldn’t be too pleased with third place at a National Championships.  However, given my time-frame from the marathon, my running as of late (or lack thereof) and mainly due to the fact that Cam Levins and Rob Watson ran incredibly tough I’m fine with the bronze. 

Destroyer told me he was going to push the pace after one km and that is exactly what he did.  At that point Derek Snider looked over at me and asked if I was going to give chase and I replied that I was just going to chill.  I didn’t have the confidence to cover that move and I probably didn’t have enough solid training to do cover it and not blow-up.  Rob covered the first 5km in under 14:30 yesterday which, truthfully, is a little out of my range right now for a halfway split in snowy conditions.  Cam Levins ended up with the big win and looked good doing it even after following Destroyer and his mad pace.

After a few km I found myself in a solid 4th position and started to make inroads on Kip Kangogo who was sitting in third.  After 5km I got myself into third place and by then 1st and 2nd were wayyy ahead and in my head I settled on third place by 6km.  Kelly Weibe came with a couple of seconds of me a few times in the back-end of the race and each time I injected just enough pace to keep him at bay.  Were it not for Kelly I would of run quite a bit sower.  My foot got a little beat up but it’s not too bad today.  Only cross-training for the next week.

Once again Speed River won the Men’s Senior title.  Speed River’s senior women’s squad also won a national title as did my masters buddies over at Harbour Track.  Chris Moulton and his crew put on another great event and the spectators once again were out in full force.

Race Video

Post race interview

Full results of all races

       1    Cameron Levins                        29:25.7                       
       2    Robin Watson                         29:49.0                       
       3    Reid Coolsaet                       30:04.7                       
       4    Kelly Wiebe                          30:10.0                       
       5    Kip *Kangogo                         30:22.7                       
       6    Alex Genest                          30:35.4                       
       7    Barry Britt                          30:44.5                       
       8    Yves Sikubwabo                       30:44.8                       
       9    Derek Snider                         30:50.0                       
      10    Matthew Hughes                       31:10.7                       
      11    Matthew Pieterson                    31:14.1                       
      12    Matthew Clout                        31:17.1                       
      13    Mathew Walters                       31:20.2                       
      14    Dagim *Yeshitela                     31:25.4                       
      15    Joseph Campanelli                    31:25.7                       
      16    Matthew Brunsting                    31:27.6                       
      17    Adam Hortian                         31:32.9                       
      18    Joël Bourgeois                       31:40.0                       
      19    Iain Fyfe                            31:40.1                       
      20    James G. Finlayson                   31:43.9      

Coming up the hill for the second or third time. photo courtesy of Kevin “Turtle”


A few meters before the finish.  photo courtesy of Scott Cameron.

  1. November 29, 2010 8:02 am

    What a year you’ve had…
    Great job Reid.

    • reidcoolsaet permalink*
      November 29, 2010 5:20 pm

      thanks MPD

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