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October 18, 2010

Not too much to write about as I’m just getting back into the running thing, so if you want to read a long post I suggest you go to Max Paquette’s blog .

I have a busy week coming up.  I have a talk Tuesday at Runner’s Life in Peterborough, Thursday I’m talking to a marathon group in Oakville, Friday I’ll be at the Hammerheads banquet, Saturday I’ll be at the Running Company in Oakville and finally on Sunday I’ll be at the Audi Best Buddies 10km in Toronto.  Some of these things I put off to do after the marathon as to not interfere with training, some came up because of the marathon and others just happen to fall this week.  I couldn’t even imagine having a week like this when I’m training for the marathon. This is a good time to be doing this extra stuff as I’m not yet up to full XC training volume.

Flotrack has a pretty cool 5 part series on Geb that they are showing in anticipation for his NYC marathon debut on November 7th.  I’m going to be in NYC to check out the marathon live.  I’ll have to figure out the best way to watch the action unfold and cheer on Bairu.

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