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I’ll find strength in pain

July 19, 2010

Gillis and I had a good workout on Saturday morning which will hopefully be posted on in the coming days.  I’d write more about the workout but I don’t want to spoil it.

Going into the workout I had been battling a sore throat and thought that I was just about over it but 36km in the heat told me otherwise.  I felt like trash yesterday so I took it completely off and had a very easy 10km run today.  I’m going to push back my workouts one day further so I can have another easy day before my next workout.  This is only a minor setback (if a setback at all?) and I want to make sure it doesn’t turn into anything else.

I finally made it… a brief chat at Runner’s World.

There are some interviews posted at

Here’s Josephat’s interview…

Update:  After a couple of X-rays it was determined that Josephat has Plantar Fasciitis (huh, until spell check I thought it was spelled 'faciatis', and I thought that 'skiing' was the only word with double 'i'... learn something new everyday...anyways).  He was on crutches for a few days and he is walking now.  I took him to a physiotherapy appointment today to get some work done and he seems to be coming around.  Also, Josephat is moving on August 1st from a furnished apartment to an empty house, so if you're in the Hamilton area and have any extra furniture laying around Josephat and Karanja could probably use it. Let me know.

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