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when they fight, they fight

March 2, 2010

Three things I came across today:

1)  The Melbourne Grand Prix takes place this Thursday.  Love or hate the Aussie cockiness, but this is funny:

Pitkämäki suggested he would be after a performance in the 85-90 metre range. Bannister, who was next in line to comment, added with a straight face that he would be shooting for something between 86 and 91.

2) Gord Pauls from the Runner’s Den is raising money for Haiti by doing three Ironmans in three consecutive days!!!  A 12 hour Ironman is a respectable time, which means he’ll likely be racing the majority of the time for three days in a row.  He and his wife have been raising money for Haiti for many years and often fly down to volunteer. Gord was on a flight to Haiti when the earthquake struck and the plane was re-routed to Florida.

3) The 3000m that I ran in McGill a month ago is on Youtube. 

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