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Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air

February 21, 2010

Five by a mile is one of our staple workouts that we come back to a few times over the course of the season.   I tend to put some pressure on myself because, like a race, it’s easily compared to past performances and I want to see improvement.  Going into the workout I wanted to average 4:28, a few seconds faster than New Years’ Eve, the last 5 X 1600m session.

Biking over to the Auburn track I was thinking of what might make this fast and what may slow things down.  The temp was 16C (61F) and breezy, great conditions for a track workout.  I was running solo which is never good for me.  I was now on a 400m track (vs. a 185m track) which would make things much easier.  I ran more mileage going into this workout than I ever have before and my legs have been very tired throughout the past week.  The heavy legs were my main concern…  Tuesday’s workout went well even though the warm-up felt like I was running through molasses however, on Thursday I was put in a good effort and got mediocre results.  And of course my last real effort on the track (Boston Indoor Games) was a complete disaster.

I often gauge how I’m feeling after my first 400m.  The first 400m was 68 (4:32 pace) and I wanted to quit right then and there but I put my head down and told myself to at least keep it at 2:16 through the half, anything slower would of been a disheartening.  Surprisingly I came through in 2:15 and held on for 4:30. Followed by another 4:30 and then 4:28 and 4:26.  I aimed for 4:24 on my last mile and split 3:18, right on pace, before getting after it and finishing in 4:21.  More than anything this workout was a good step in the right direction and a confidence builder knowing I felt really good for the last three miles.

I’ve learned not to judge a workout by it’s cover (ie. the first lap). 

The new found confidence came through in my foosball game last night when I redeemed Friday night’s loss to JP Weerts at the Copper Beach Invitational.  Now I just have to learn this one…

Olympic comments:  Eric Guay with two 5th place finishes (Downhill and Super G) is the most under appreciated Canadian Olympian right now IMO.  Medals are everything for the media but in two of the most popular events he's top 5 and only .03 from a Bronze in the SG!  Just sayin'.

  1. Skuj permalink
    February 22, 2010 12:31 am

    Bitchin! What was the recovery?

    I have to laugh a little, Reid. Us runners are so hard on ourselves sometimes, especially when confidence takes a kick. You wanted 67 a lap for the whole workout, and a 68 on the very first lap had you “wanting to quit right there”. Haha….

    Well done.

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