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Gonna try again tomorrow

January 14, 2010

I put off writing a blog for a few days in hopes of delivering better news about my running.  Thankfully the last few days have gone well and I’m back on track, (pun intended).  This is what happened…  A week ago Monday I had a good workout with Taylor Milne but my back was a little sore.  A few hours after the workout my back was really sore and it felt very similar to the injury that put me out for a few months back in 2008.  I wasn’t overly worried about any damage already incurred however, I was very concerned about it getting any worse.

By 9:15 he next morning I was in to see my chiropractor, Aras Kvedaras, and he confirmed that my disc was interfering with my nerve.  He treated me a few times over a couple of days while I rested.  I spent the next few days in the pool and on the stationary bike maintaining fitness.  Subtle things such as pruned fingers from 1 hour and 50 minutes in the pool and transforming my TV room into a spin bike studio reminded me of last winter when all I did was cross-train.  With more help from my physiotherapist, Brenda Scott-Thomas, I started to feel better and was running by the week’s end.  There were a few more days of X-training mixed with running and now I’m feeling much better.  I only missed three running workouts in the time off.  That’s not a big deal in the big picture, although I missed enough to warrant skipping the January 23rd race and focus on a workout instead.

I was ready to scrap the indoor season completely or at least put off racing until later in February but I should be fine for January 30th if things keep moving in the right direction.   Being injured is never fun but it more stressful if you’re trying to hit a certain race.  Because the indoor season is a set-up for my outdoor season there is no need to ‘reach’ in order to race. 


Yesterday I was nominated as one of the three finalists for the Golden Horseshoe Athlete of the Year .  The winner will be announced on February 25th at the Hamilton CYO dinner. 




  1. Dave K permalink
    January 15, 2010 9:50 am

    This is good news Reid, best with all!

  2. January 17, 2010 6:18 pm

    Good to read the back is holding up

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