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I don’t know much but, I know what to do

September 29, 2009

Workouts have come back faster than I thought so I’ve decided to race the Canadian 10km Championships on October 17th.  Doing workouts again with the guys in Guelph is great and I’m looking forward to getting back into 10km and XC mode this fall.  I’m not going to drop the mileage much, if at all, from my marathon training this past summer.  I guess that’s part of my normal training progression and then when it comes time to train for my next marathon I’ll be able to run some real marathon mileage, such as 200km+ per week.

One of the reasons I am running the Canadian 10km Championships is that AC will be selecting the Chiba Ekiden team from the race.  In 2003 and 2004 I declined the Chiba team to concentrate on Canadian XC champs with the thought that I would do it in later years.  But then Japan didn’t invite Canada back for four years and since I was injured last year I didn’t run it again.  Chiba has been one of those races that I’ve always wanted to do so hopefully this will be the year to do it.

This weekend I have the Toad and it seems like Josephat will not race anymore because he’s tired from pacing 32km of the Scotiabank marathon this past weekend.  Taylor Milne and myself will most likely be running together.  Looking forward to another great event and probably the biggest single trail race in Canada.

After two of four laps of the Berlin WC Marathon I showed Dylan that I had the course memorized and I could do it without looking.


 Or, popping M&M’s into my mouth.

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  1. September 30, 2009 8:39 pm

    Are you trash talking on Gerson’s behalf? He has an advantage: He shares his life with world championship and olympic calabre athletes. But, I have the north. I run with sleighs loaded with moose meat while he prances around in spandex and little shorts…

    Nevertheless, thanks for reading the blog!

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