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I keep my journal up in the rafters in case they decide I’ve got facts

July 19, 2009

Someone asked me last week if I could post an example of my training leading up to my debut marathon in Ottawa. Here is a sample week from five weeks out from Ottawa and I’ll compare it to this past week, which is five weeks out from my next marathon.  Both weeks started the day after a hard session (35km with 16km tempo on April 12 and the Boilermaker 15km with 11km cooldown on July 12).

Monday April 13: Recovery
AM: 30′ pool running
April 14:
AM: 80′ Stationary Bike
PM: 20km
April 15:
AM: 60′ Stationary Bike
PM: 24km (fartlek workout with group in Guelph)
April 16:
AM: 80′ Stationary Bike
PM: 20km
April 17:
AM: 60′ Pool Running
PM: 17.5km (1200’s on the track with group in Guelph)
April 18:
AM: 70′ Stationary Bike
PM: 21km
April 19:
AM: 27.5km
Totals: 130km and 380′ of X-training

Monday July 13:
AM: 60′ Pool Running
PM: 20km
July 14:
AM: 21.5km
PM: 10km (with strides/drills)
AM: 20.4km
PM: 10km
July 16:
AM: 27km (1hr44min, Fartlek Workout w/ Josephat)
PM: 40′ Pool Running
July 17:
AM: 20km
PM: 10km (with strides/drills)
July 18:
11:30: Recovery 12.3km (easy, 53min33sec)
July 19:
11:45: 39km (2hr21min, Tempo section, fluid stations)
Totals: 190km and 100′ of Pool Running

My total volume in minutes isn’t too different from one sample week to the other but now I’m running a lot more.  The tempo workout today went very well for me and my confidence is growing.  This week will be another high volume week for me and then I’m going to gradually bring it down.  Leave for Germany in 19 days and race in 33 days!

Boilermaker Start (12000 people)


Boilermaker Finish




Good article on the Boilermaker from Washington Post.

  1. Martin permalink
    July 20, 2009 12:38 pm

    Two solid long runs and a good solid week-bodes well. At least, I came to that conclusion once I converted everything to miles!

  2. Corey permalink
    July 28, 2009 1:32 pm

    I enjoy following your blog over the last few months. Go superfast in Berlin!
    Those are some serious miles. Is over-training ever an issue for you? If so, can you describe how it affects you?

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