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Lively up yourself

June 10, 2009

I have my ticket for the Festival of Excellence tomorrow night.  Of course I opted for one of the $25 standing area tickets instead of the $110 – $250 grandstand tickets.  I’m really looking forward to the Miles, 800m, 1500m and 5000m.  I wasn’t prepared to pay out the big bucks to cover Usain Bolt’s appearance and to watch the distance events.   It sounds like the whole event should be fun and quite entertaining. 

IAAF article on the Festival of Excellence

Recovery from the marathon seems to be going pretty well.  I’m feeling pretty comfortable on my daily runs.  My two workouts have been a different story.  I’m not surprised I haven’t felt great yet and I’m pretty sure I’ll be feeling a lot better in the coming two weeks as it’s only been 17 days since the marathon.  hopefully just in time to run a decent 10 000m on June 27th at Nationals.

Still waiting to hear an announcement about the Berlin Marathon team (it sounds like there are at least four guys who have qualified and want to go).  Right now I’m preparing to run the marathon but it would be really nice to know for sure.

This person sure stepped it up from my “STOP PRE” sign last summer…


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