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gone till November

October 27, 2008

I’ve gained some insight about my current injury.  It’s my tarsal tunnel on my left leg that is giving me problems.  Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be a very minor injury or one that requires surgery, I’m leaning towards the minor side with my fingers crossed.  I assume this came on because my left calf has continually been tight due to my prolonged nerve injury and twisting my ankle was the last nail in the coffin. 

It was on my run last Wednesday when I first felt that my ankle was injured. I thought a day or two off would get me through this one but, it was evident Saturday morning on my run that this is a little more serious.  So first thing Monday morning I got on the phone to see someone and luckily I got an appointment with Dr. Kvedaras down the street from me that same day.  That’s where I learned what exactly was giving me the discomfort and I got some treatment.  Tomorrow I’m going to see Brenda Scott-Thomas for treatment and get this thing under control and get myself back on my feet. 

OUA’s was by far the most miserable weather I’ve ever endured as a spectator, it was super windy and rainy.  No one in the guys race (except Ryan Armstrong from Western) wanted to take the lead and that led to a very slow first half and a huge pack up front.  The Gryphon ladies won their fifth OUA title in a row and the guys their fourth in a row.  Fort Henry was the same sight we won our first of four CIS titles (1999-2002), and we did it without one All-Canadian that first year.  Next stop on the collegiate circuit is Quebec City for CIS on Nov. 8th.  I better be running by then because I don’t want to be looking for pools or polar bearing the St. Lawrence.

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