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black holes and revelations

August 4, 2008

After running into a little problem during my build-up I realized I should of even started off a little slower, yaya hindsight is 20/20.  I usually start back with a 20 minute run and get up to 60 minutes by week’s end after a normal down time.  This time I tried to go twice as slow by starting with a 20 minute run a getting up to 60 minutes after two weeks.  I didn’t quite reach 60 minutes in my build-up before I had to take another step back. 

Today I was able to do a little run and I’ll stay around this level for a bit and take more days off between runs until I feel comfortable.  Not only am I starting back up from a long lay off but I’m coming back from an injury, and in fact I’m still kind of injured.

Here’s a pic of the Bayfront path in Hamilton.  This is a great place to run in the winter because there is no traffic and there’s snow removal.

Unfortunately it’s not a great place to swim in the summer.




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