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And I don’t really have much to say, `Cause I’m Living from day to day

May 25, 2008

Bruce Deacon really hit the nail on the head in regards to how it feels to be injured in his comment on the last post.  When I’m banging on the elliptical it gives me an outlet and I feel like I’m making progress because I’m working hard.  I had a bunch of good workouts on the dang machine in the past week and the running has progressed a little as well.  Baby steps with the running, but steps in the right direction nonetheless.  I talked to Ian Carswell the other week and he had some good advice for dealing with an injury (from his experience of chasing the Olympic 5000m standard in 2000). Basically,  I have to make the most of each day and know that I’m making a step in the right direction towards my goal.  No regrets.

I also got involved with Team Darfur last week.  This is a great opportunity for athletes to help do something about the horrible situation in Sudan.  I first really became aware of the situation a few years ago when I read the book “Escape From Slavery” by Francis Bok (I recommend reading it) and now Team Darfur provides a vehicle for athletes to help out.  China buys two thirds of Sudan’s oil and also sells weapons to the Janjaweed.  If athletes can put pressure on China by making others aware of China’s contribution (indirect or direct) to the situation then perhaps it can make a difference and help bring some peace to Sudan.  Athletes will have more influence than usual this summer with China hosting the Olympics so the campaign is really trying to go hard between now and August.  So check out the website and see what Team Darfur is all about.






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