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Oh, I said it’s Arizona

April 3, 2008

Another week in wonderful Flagstaff,  I love this place.  The weather has been cooperating very well even though we saw a few flurries today, yep flurries at 9 celsius(?).  I put in about 175km last week and now it’s time to back off a little and get into the 155-165km/week zone as I’ll be racing in two weeks.  It doesn’t seem like much of a drop but, workouts will feel much better with slightly reduced mileage. 

The pic across the top of the blog is of the New Balance “Coffee Beans” shoe that is supposed to drop in August ’08.

Deer come into our backyard some mornings. I pull out my rifle and take a few shots.  Haven’t seem to kill any yet?


Last Sunday we had a good group for our long run, Mike Smith, Fasil Bizuneh, Abdi Abdirahman, Mo Farah, Rob Krar, Steve Osaduik (Oz), Eric Kiauka, Eric Gillis and myself.  Gillis, Oz, Krar and myself put in a solid 2hrs and covered 30km on Woody Mountain road as the others went a little shorter. 

On Wednesday we went to Biff’s Bagel for the run again and met up with a ton of runners.  There were about 10 Germans and a couple of Swiss runners with the normal bunch of Americans.  After the Bagel run, Dave Scott-Thomas and his family rolled into town, they will be here until the end of the week.  It’s good having our coach here for a few days to watch a couple of workouts and go over training. 

Another random sentence… Nate Brannen and Mark Bomba are now sharing their thoughts on the Internet. And yes, Bomba can write more than two sentences without the “…” (dot dot dot)

The two Eric’s, Oz and I bought golf discs (Frisbee’s) and got out a couple times this week.  We completely sucked in the beginning but after a couple of rounds we’ve improved to the point where we can now take ‘completely’ out of the equation.  Our massage therapist in town, Geoffrey Bishop, knows what he’s doing and we may meet up with him this weekend and figure this disc golf thing out.  It’s a good hobby (or sport if you will) for distance runners….  a $15 disc and no green fees makes for a really cheap sport and you get out and walk a bit.  Shoulder may get sore the first time out…

I was going to write my thoughts on the state of the World Cross Country Championsips, but since I didn’t race myself it would likely come across a tad hypocritical.  Here’s a cool stat, the kid who won the Junior Boys race ran 27:02 tow years ago as a 17 year old!!

Oz is still around for a few days, which is a nice bonus since he drove here from Victoria and we have access to a car for a bit.  Otherwise when we need to get places we usually resort to the sweet bikes left in our garage.  Mine is the “Randor” and is built for speed… at least since I took of the rattling kick-stand.  Oh, I also learned how to juggle this week. bikesm.jpg





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