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against the wind

March 10, 2008

Flight from Buffalo, NY to Jacksonville, FL = $368.04

Airport shuttles= $75.00

Hotel in Jacksonville = $335.61

Competitive 15km = Priceless



 Going into the race I, first and foremost, wanted a solid effort over 15km with people to run with, check that off.  I also wanted to finish in the top three and run under 44 minutes.  I didn’t get the time but, considering the wind (25mph with 40mph gusts) I was happy with 44 minuted and 25 seconds.  When the race was running through neighbourhoods and the wind was blocked we we’re able to roll  (my middle 5km was 14:27) and once the race got onto the massive bridge we ended up slowing down, myself and Fasil a little more than Carlson and Browne.  Speaking of Carlson, he deserved the win and the equalizer bonus as he led most of the race right from the gun. Overall a good weekend and I was happy to have raced my longest distance ever, that will help me out later this season when I run a 10 000m.

Because it’s a USATF championship race I was not able to receive prize money and get expenses covered and for good reason.  It also goes both ways, when US guys come up to Canada and beat me I get more prize money. I also didn’t have to pay for everything, Sam from NYRR took myself and a few other guys to dinner on Friday night and the meet Director, Doug, had the elite athletes over to his house on Saturday night for dinner and a nice reception, thanks again guys.

When I got back to Hamilton last night there was another foot of snow on the ground since I left for Jacksonville.  A good shovel workout followed a 50 minute run.  Now I’m back in Ontario for one week before I head out to Flagstaff on Sunday.

                                                                               10K        FINAL
PLACE          FINISHER                                 TIME        TIME     PACE 

1  Andrew Carlson, 25, Bloomington, MN        29:21          44:12    4:45
2  Dan Browne, 32, Beaverton, OR                 29:22        44:21    4:46
3  Reid Coolsaet, 28, Guelph, ON                   29:21          44:25    4:46
4  Fasil Bizuneh, 27, Flagstaff, AZ                   29:21         44:29    4:46
5  Brian Sell, 27, Rochester Hills, MI                29:22           44:47    4:48
6  Jason Hartmann, 26, Springfield, OR           29:34          44:57    4:49
 7  Bret Schoolmeester, 23, Cornelius, OR        29:45          45:21    4:52
 8  Fernando Cabada, 25, Boulder, CO             29:45           45:33    4:53
 9  Lucus Humprey, 26, Rochester, MI              29:49           45:35    4:53
 10  Brett Gotcher, 24, Flagstaff, AZ                 30:02         45:35    4:53
 11  Matt Gabrielson, 29, Minneapolis, MN       29:56           45:46    4:55


I swear I’m keeping an eye on the lead pickup truck that we were passing due to the turns in the neighbourhood.


  1. Skuj permalink
    March 11, 2008 12:48 am

    Yeah. The lead truck. Due to the turns and all. That’s it.

    Well done, Reid.

  2. Catts permalink
    March 14, 2008 8:09 am

    I guess your US citizenship wouldn’t have put you in the money here? Or did you not think about that?

  3. reidcoolsaet permalink*
    March 14, 2008 11:32 am

    I have to be cleared by the IAAF to compete for the States to collect USATF prize money (and would have to give up Canadian team status). In some random road races I might be able to pick up US money (different from USATF championship money) with a US Passport, SSN and US address.

  4. Catts permalink
    March 14, 2008 8:21 pm

    Fair enough. I figured it was something like that.

    Enjoy Flagstaff!

  5. ahutch permalink
    March 15, 2008 3:26 pm

    Yeah, Sean Kaley and Matt McInnes both have U.S. passports, and they’ve both been denied U.S. money in the past — and this is just at ordinary road races, not USATF events.

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