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I knocked so many teeth out I made the tooth fairy bankrupt

February 29, 2008

Wednesday after practice, in -15C weather, I got back into my car and saw a piece of chocolate I left there and, being hungry, I decided I would chomp on it right away.  A little while later when I was eating dinner I noticed that I had broken a tooth on that frozen chocolate. 

Here is a picture.  I got a few people saying they didn’t like looking at a broken tooth in my mouth, so it’s here if you want to see it or not. brokentoothsm.jpg

Thursday morning I made a call to the dentist and got an appointment for Friday afternoon.  The good news is that Eric and I moved our workout to the morning and got it done on clear roads before it snowed half a foot later that afternoon. The bad news is that they weren’t able to fix my tooth right away, they pulled out what had broken off but, since it broke below the gum line I have a little procedure booked for Monday where they dig to get more tooth and bone. Then a few weeks later I can get a tooth and crown put on.  This of course is going to cost a lot of dough and since I’m a runner I have no dental insurance.  This is where my Reebok gear that I never wore comes into play.  I’m going to sell it to offset dental costs since it’s already replaced by New Balance.

Here are the items.  First come first serve,  email me at  I don’t have boxes for most of the shoes, I was planning on using the shoes so I tossed the boxes.  Shipping will be extra.  The shoes are size 9.5, but Reebok runs large as I wear size 10 in New Balance, Nike, Asics and Saucony. Click on the picture for larger image.  If you know someone looking for cheap running gear send them my way, thanks.

Item 1) Road Lite 4.  Light weight trainer with medial posting.  This was my go-to shoe and is similar to Asics 1000 series.  I have two pair to sell  one pair left. $60


Item 2) Spikes.  You can be like Nate Brannen and Kevin Sullivan with these fancy bullets.  They get you up on your toes like a Nike Miler.  I used them in 5000’s too but I think they are better suited for 800-1500m. Pins and wrench included. $60



3) Premier Ultra KFS.  Neutral trainer with lots of cushion.  They have a little silver on them, which makes them look fast. $60


4) Premier Cushion.  Neutral trainer with lots of cushion (lots of cushion, ie. on the heavy end). $60


5) Running Hat.  Breathable.  If you’re a triathlete you can cut the top off to make it a visor. $10


6)  The ultimate running jacket.  This jacket has zip off sleeves, AND, it has a removable fleece vest liner (zips into jacket).  Looks like a warm running jacket.  It’s a small and would fit someone close to 5’9″ and 140 lbs (fits like a Medium in other brands). $50


7) Black running jacket.  Simple and stylish. $40


8 ) Reebok technical hoodie.  I actually wore this one a few times, but it’s pretty new and I’ll wash it.  It has a little iPod pocket with drawstring on the arm. $20


9) Flats.  I won’t lie, they’re really not that great of a shoe.  I did run 27:56 in a pair so they can’t be that slow…  These ones were too big for me.  They would fit a size 10.5.  $20


  1. Adamo permalink
    March 1, 2008 3:08 am

    Visor??? What, did I read visor? AWESOME!!!!

  2. Chocolate Bunnies From Hell? permalink
    March 1, 2008 1:52 pm

    So, chocolate is even worse than beer?

  3. Mat permalink
    March 2, 2008 6:52 am

    You ain’t no leader, what, nobody followed you
    You was never sh*t, your mother should’ve swallowed you…
    (Big L – 98 freestyle)

    Coldneck, your blog is all that, interesting track news and a ill Big L quote!

    I really enjoy it!

  4. March 2, 2008 3:28 pm

    hey reid,
    i want to buy the hat signed by you with your skateboard mile time…..i also want it cut into a visor first….ie. i don’t want it as a hat…..

    seriously, i want to buy the bloody hat you stinker….send it to

    228 edward st
    victoria bc
    V9A 3E5

    Thanks bud….i’ll send you a cheque.

  5. March 5, 2008 10:35 am

    Now, if you had a spandex body suit that I could cut into this…

    …well, maybe then we’d have a deal.

  6. October 22, 2010 7:47 am

    bankruptcy is really a dangerous case!

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