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Seven Nation Army

November 22, 2007

Quick update from Manchester before I get some Turkey. Round two as I’ve already celebrated Canuck Thanksgiving in early October.

Beautiful day, 16 C (61F) and sunny so I thought everybody would run fast.  It wasn’t really the case though as the race strung out before the 3 mile mark and almost everybody was running alone.  I was about 15th at the 2 mile mark and Fagan was way ahead in first, he killed it up the hill and gapped the pack.  I picked off a few guys on the downhill before the 3 mile mark and then just went through the motions in 9th until 100 to go when I passed Ryan Warrenburg and Michael Aish to get 7th in 22:18 (22:14 in 2005, 22:04 in 2006).  Fagan got passed at the end by Letherby who won in 21:54.  Once again a fun time in Manchester.  Scalped Frank Shorter again, boooyah! 

Andrew Letherby 21:54
Martin Fagan 21:55
Brian Olinger
Ian Dobson 22:03
Dagne Alemu
Girma Tola 22:17
Me 22:18
Ryan Warrenburg 22:20
Michael Aish
Dan Huling
Dylan Wykes 22:30
Matt Gabrielson

Amy Yoder-Begley
Mary Cullen
Megan Metcalfe
Molly Huddle
Kassie Anderson

  1. Martin permalink
    November 23, 2007 6:08 am

    It’s all about the scalps.

  2. Martin permalink
    November 23, 2007 6:09 am

    Amby Burfoot was back there too-probably a few others.

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