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Back to the start again I go

October 12, 2007

Almost done my first week back of substantial running.  I’m still in the pool or on the elliptical in the morning but, I’ve been running every afternoon and the foot is doing alright.  I also did my first real workout again this afternoon, 5 X 5minutes.  Felt a lot different than one month ago when I was on the track!  Next week still won’t be full and then the onslaught of mileage begins.  Looking forward to it…

I’ve been pretty busy this week updating a new website for Guelph Running (Speed River, National Endurance Centre and Guelph Athletic Society).  I’m going to update that website with news for the whole group when we race, such as after the TransCanada 10km tomorrow.  The website still needs a bit of updating but you can PREview it now

Scott Cameron found the video of me running at Brussels.  It’s pretty funny when I get lapped and the anouncer has to remind everyone that I’m a lapped runner.   “seek” or “fast forward” on the tape counter to 2:30:55 for the 10,000 meter venue where it starts 5:06 into the race at the 2,000m mark. 10,000m footage ends at 2:56:20. I’m on the screen at 2:47:11 to 2:52:47.

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  1. Susan Coolsaet permalink
    October 16, 2007 1:49 pm

    The Guelph running website looks great–lots of interesting news and updates-thanks Reid!

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