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Let the good times roll

September 13, 2007

What would this blog be without the element of suprise…

Lots going on right now so I don’t have much time but here’s a quick update.  Big race, fast pace (Bekele wants 13.05), fast second pace and I feel good.  Time to get after it.

I got confirmation on Brussels 10 000 entry last thursday, flew out saturday.  Tapering, checking out the city, watching Entourage and getting ready to rock. 

THANKS for the support everyone.  Check out the action here.

  1. Max permalink
    September 13, 2007 2:56 pm

    GO REID GO!!!!!

  2. Johhny P permalink
    September 13, 2007 3:28 pm

    Good luck in the race tommrow man!

  3. jazz permalink
    September 13, 2007 3:29 pm

    Giver shit you ugly bastard

  4. September 13, 2007 5:10 pm

    go get after it – good luck

  5. cal permalink
    September 13, 2007 8:25 pm

    Float On Dude!!!

  6. Skuj permalink
    September 13, 2007 11:43 pm


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