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make the sweat drip from every pore

August 3, 2007

      Southern Ontario is stinkin’ hot right now (40C/104F with the humidex), and I don’t really mind.  As long as its cool at night I can deal with this heat, especially after it being so cool in Europe this summer.  The heat really sucks when you’re trying to hit splits on the track and/or racing and I’m not doing either this week.  I’ve been staying on the trails and doing my afternoon runs a little later than usual.

      I kind of shot myself in the foot for racing after Heusden.  I guess I was a little overconfident in my ability to make worlds (ie. run a 30 sec 200m after 12 laps of 64’s).  The plan was to come back to Guelph to train for two weeks before leaving for Asia.  If I didn’t make worlds I figured I’d want some down time, but now I feel like another race.  The big problem is that there are simply very few races in North America (even in Europe for that matter) that would suit my needs.  And the one race that I’d like to do, Falmouth Mile, was full well over a month ago and I’m trying to get in less than two weeks before the race.

     Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support.  Even though I will not be racing too much in the coming months I’ll still try and keep updating the blog twice a week with training, gossip, rumours, rants and hi-jinx.  And good luck to Jason Dunkerley at the Parapanamerican games coming up later this month.

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