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I want to ride my bicycle

July 20, 2007

There’s some big races lined up for tomorrow in Brasschaat.  Alan Webb is attempting to run the American record in the mile, 3:47.xx.  Also, the 5000m has gained a lot of entrants this week and now has about 27 starters.  Paul Morrison and Eric Gillis have both jumped off the 1500m ship to the stacked 5000m.  I was tempted to also make the switch but, my training and racing has been geared towards a 5000m on July 28th and I’m going to stick with the plan.  The 1500m this weekend for me is kind of my speed workout to once again set up a 5000m.  Start Lists for Brasschaat.

Eric and I went to rent bikes yesterday but we just missed the closing time and today it was pouring rain in the morning so we decided not to go.  Having a bike makes it a lot easier to get around and for 8 euro a month its cheaper than taking the bus into town (1.50 euro each way).  My workout yesterday was good considering I just got off the plane.  The volume was a bit more than I’d usually do two days before a 1500m, but like I said, all my training is geared for the 5000m on the 28th. 

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