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You said to ring you up if I was in Torona

July 6, 2007

     Toronto.  Go ahead and say Toronto a few times slowly and think of what other people from around the world must think of our great city’s name… Not so weird?  Maybe its just me? Or maybe you didn’t really say Tor–on–toe a few times?  

     I’ve been very pleased with my running since my last 5000m a week ago.  On Sunday I had a great long run off the plane, Tuesday’s long tempo went well and then, yesterday, I had one of my best track sessions ever.  Cal and I were on the track for 800’s and I felt really comfortable running my repeats and hitting decent times.  Things seem to be coming around at the right time and I’m really looking forward to my next races.  My next race is a 1500m in Toronto on Sunday night, its supposed to be really hot Sunday but that’s tolerable for a 1500m.  Running a PB over 1500m right now is possible but, the races where I ran 3:41 came with stiff competition.  On Sunday the start lists look good but not quite as deep as my 3:41 races over in Europe.  There will be a nice presence from the Speed River 1500m brigade as 7 of the 15 on the start list are from the group.

Men 1500m
1. Reid Coolsaet Speed River
2. Taylor Milne Speed River
3. Andrew Smith
4. Danny Kassap UTTC
5. James Poulin-Cadovius Quebec
6. Josh Roundell Speed River
 7. Scott Arnald Speed River
8. Nathan deWitt London
9. Cleve Thorson Speed River group
10. Angus Macaulay Speed River
11. John Corbit Speed River group
12. Scott Emberley Toronto OC
13. Michael Sherar
14. Paul Osland
15. Kurt Benninger

Here are some pics from my last trip. (click for larger image).

Typical house in Teddington (this one had a nicer lawn).
Hotel room at the Scandic in Aarhus.  Ikea anyone?


Downtown Aarhus.  Great city.


  1. Chris permalink
    July 7, 2007 7:22 pm

    When I say Speed … Good luck this weekend Reid.

  2. Catts permalink
    July 10, 2007 7:01 pm

    I my USAian friends say To-ron-toe.

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