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try to get yourself elected. if you do you had better cut your hair

April 21, 2007

Trip back from LA was smooth. Had a nice long run in Hamilton (Dundas Conservation Area) on sunday and then back to Guelph for the week. I had three main workouts this week but the first one on monday was a very light workout. Still pretty sore in the quads until later in the week. Eric Gillis (28:52 three weeks ago) and I got in two good workouts, one tempo and one race pace on the track.  Now for a long-run and very easy day this weekend.

I have eight days until my next 10 000m on the track at Stanford. I figure I have 10 seconds right here…
reid coolsaet hair


reid coolsaet nohair

also, a good workout at/below race-pace (which was hard to do in Flagstaff) and a faster field and not having to lap 40 some-odd runners should contribute to a faster time.  Lets just hope the weather is nice again.

Here are some pics of Sedona from my recent trip (click to see larger image)

Red Rock Loop


sedona creek

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  1. Susan Coolsaet permalink
    April 26, 2007 10:37 pm

    Hello Reid! Have a great trip out to California tomorrow morning and best of luck on your race Sunday. I’m sure you will run fast and strong regardless of the weather. XX Love, Mom

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