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Runnin through the backwood

October 14, 2009

On saturday I’m heading into my third National Championship of 2009 and each one has been and will be harder to win than the last.  The marathon ended up being a clear victory whereas the 10 000m was much closer.  With Simon Bairu (27:50 this year) in the field at the Zoo Run I have more than my hands full.  And Simon only gets stronger on a Cross Country course and will be looking for his 7th senior Nats XC title in Guelph late November.   This weekend should be a good showing from the Speed River team, Taylor Milne, Eric Gillis and myself have been working out together and will be competing for the medal positions as well as a couple of others who could be in the top 10.

Last week I ran over 180km in six days and I took the seventh day off to rest and go for a hike.  I’ve had three “up” weeks and now I’ll have one “down” week which coincides nicely with the Canadian 10km Champs.

Pics from my hike.



This Sunday in Guelph there is another Runner’s Brunch at Shake’s.  This week Geoff Linton will be talking about his race experience earlier this year at Badwater.  Badwater is a 135 mile race which takes place in temperatures above 50C!!  Unfortunately I cannot make it this Sunday but I did have the chance to hear Geoff’s story after the Toad the other week and it’s pretty crazy to say the least.  I suggest you get to Shake’s and take in the story, plus I think he’ll have some pics on a slideshow.


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